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The Clin-ePost software enables the receipt and onward transmission of electronic Clinical Correspondence from source systems within the trust. Clinical Correspondence documents can be received, audited and transmitted to the appropriate recipient(s). During this process the received document can also be automatically converted to the required output format (e.g. doc to PDF).

Tried and tested in both England and Northern Ireland the solution utilises the secure communications platforms of both countries, enabling the safe, secure and cost effective transfer of Clinical Correspondence.

The Clin-ePost solution runs as a fully automated service, and provides an intuitive Web interface for administrative staff to monitor the processing and delivery of their correspondence to the recipient. This interface also provides a central archive for all Clinical Correspondence that passes through the solution, enabling users to lookup, review, track and manage these documents in a single location at the touch of a button.

Key Features

  • Secure auditable process between Primary and Secondary Care
  • Reduces the delays in Patient Care
  • Assists organisations in going Paperless
  • Intuitive web front end access
  • Fully automated service
  • Enables trusts to meet the targets for delivering discharge letters to GP’s
  • Cost effective high return on investment
  • Utilises existing communication tools/infrastructures
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint and impact on Environment

Technical Requirements

  • Windows 2012 or Later
  • Internet Browser i.e. Internet Explorer 8 or Higher, Chrome, Firefox
  • SQL 2008 or Later
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50Gb Hard Drive Space Minimum, subject to storage requirements (Allow 1GB for every 5000 documents, prior to archiving).

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