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Iuvo Clin-eConnect the Product

The Iuvo Clin-eConnect (formally Iuvo Connect) Solution is Iuvo Limited’s premier web based Clinical Messaging solution for the Health market. It has been developed specifically to handle the varied requirements of the disparate NHS projects covering Project Connect, NSTS and the NWCS NHS message enabling projects. Utilising a layered design approach, the solution offers customers the ability to implement a range of message flows, including Pathology, Radiology, CDS and send these via the appropriate transport mechanism, including the new NHS Data Transfer Service (DTS).

Microsoft Windows based and utilising the latest Microsoft technologies, including Windows 2016 and SQL Server 2016, this product provides all the tools needed to set-up, maintain and manage an electronic messaging operation.

The product consists of three core components:-

1. An Intuitive Management & Administration Component

2. Powerful Message & File Translation Agent(s)

3. A Message Tracking and Control Component

1. Management & Administration Component

Only trained Administrators are provided access to this module through the Web-Browser Front End. As this module provides all the necessary tools for configuring and maintaining individual translation agents for the required messages types/flows. A message flow equates to a solution layer as detailed in the above diagram. This module also provides administrators the ability to create and maintain new user accounts and set security access levels. 

2. Message & File Translation Agent(s)

This core component performs the translation of data between different file structures, including ODBC to EDI/XML, Flat File to EDI/XML, /EDI to Flat File/XML, EDI to EDI and Flat File to Flat File. These translation agent(s) also handle encryption and has the ability to convert data and field formats, including modifying date format and changing local codes to national codes i.e. in-house pathology results code to the national READ / SNOMED code equivalent. This minimises the amount of customisation required in the existing in-house systems and allows user to output data in their preferred file structure.

3. Message Tracking and Control Components

This component is also accessed through the Web-Browser Front End and is used to administer, track and control the whole messaging process. From receipt of the output file/data (CDS, Pathology, Radiology etc) through translation into the appropriate EDI message structure, encryption (if required) and transfer of messages through the Data Transfer Service (DTS). Plus the handling of inbound reports and returned acknowledgement messages, as appropriate.

Each stage and key action within the process is tracked and audited, with relevant information being stored in a relational SQL database. This has been designed to enable users and administrators to have a single reference point from which they can view reports and see the exact status of any messages going through the system. Typically, the log will record the unique report number, date of generation, recipient details, date/time translated, encrypted and sent, plus receipt and match of inbound reports and acknowledgement messages, as appropriate to the individual message flow.


  • Web Based Application for use over the Internet or Intranet.
  • Full End to End Message Tracking Facilities.
  • Modular Based System which incorporates:
    • Administration – Maintaining solution infrastructure & scheduling
    • Management – Maintaining User & Trading Partner profiles
    • Individual Clinical Messaging Modules
    • Mapping module – Maintaining Local to National code structures.
  • Supports EDIFACT, XML, HL7, ODBC, TRADACOMS, ASTM1238, FLATFILE, as well as custom transactions
  • Communications include:
    • SMTP
    • X400
    • DTS

Technical Requirements

  1. Windows 2008 R2 or Higher
  2. Mozzila Firefox 45 or Higher Compatible Browser i.e. Internet Explorer 8 or Higher
  3. SQL Server 2008 or Later
  4. 4 GB RAM (minimum)
  5. 50 GB Hard Drive Space

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